Why Finding Funding for Treatment Is Worth It

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Why Finding Funding for Treatment Is Worth It

Getting help and recovering as soon as possible should be one of your main goals in life

One of the most common barriers to many people who need addiction treatment is the worry that the cost will be too high. It is not rare to hear about the high prices of modern healthcare, and people without insurance see costly procedures as not worth the price.

However, this should not be the case with addiction treatment. In the case of addiction, getting help and recovering as soon as possible should be one of your main goals in life. The National Institute on Drug Addiction mentions that a large portion of substance abuse treatment in the US is funded by the government or health insurance since addiction is a major public health concern. It is also mentioned that different initiatives such as the recent parity law and the Health Care Reform of 2010 have as an objective broadening the access to treatment through financing.

Therefore, since both public and private organizations have such an interest in addiction recovery, it is worth the effort to find funding for addiction treatment, even though the rest of your life might be chaos.

Treating Addiction Through Health Insurance

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) of 2008, it is now easier to obtain addiction treatment through health insurance plans.

The Affordable Care Act makes it less expensive to pay for health insurance plans and includes prevention and treatment of mental and substance use disorders as an essential health benefit in most healthcare plans.

The MHPAEA has now expanded health care coverage to include behavioral health services in the plans. This means that health insurance providers cover prevention services without any deductibles.

Feel free to contact your health insurance provider and ask if you are eligible to benefit from these relatively new laws and how much they will cover for the treatment of mental disorders or addiction. You might be surprised to know how much less you will have to pay by obtaining addiction treatment through an accorded network between your insurance provider and an addiction treatment provider.

Different Options to Pay for Treatment

It is understandable to be nervous about getting a loan or using financing to pay for rehab. You might believe that since you are already struggling with addiction, getting a loan or using someone else’s money to pay will only add to the problem.

However, dismissing the goal of addiction recovery for lack of funds is never a good idea. The Betty Ford Institute Consensus Panel defined recovery in 2007 as a maintained lifestyle of sobriety, citizenship and personal health. What this definition tells us is that addiction recovery is something that will change the life of an addict in a positive and lasting way. It is not hard to think of how much addiction can affect our lives as time passes by. Therefore, making an effort now to overcome addiction should be seen as an investment instead of a sacrifice.

These are some ideas of how you can pay for treatment:

  • Loans or credit cards
  • Payment plans within the chosen treatment center
  • Using your retirement account
  • A home equity loan
  • Raising money with family and friends
  • Crowdfunding

Although most of these ideas will require a big effort to be able to pay for treatment, it is important to always keep in mind that the risk of leaving addiction untreated is always bigger.

Don’t be afraid to ask family or family if they’d be willing to help you pay the cost of addiction treatment; after all, addiction is a problem that affects the entire community, and family involvement is always critical for the lasting recovery of a patient, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Crowdfunding is another option that has gained popularity in the last years. Crowdfunding sites act as fundraisers where you state your goal and ask people (often strangers) to help you fund your project. A quick research will help you understand how these websites work and might help you obtain some funds to pay for your treatment.

Setting Your Sights on a Life Free From Addiction

Though finding funding for treatment might not be easy, it is always worth the effort. Don’t forget to ask your primary doctor or drug addiction counselor for ideas on how you can obtain financing in a local setting. Some communities even have separate funds to help people with low incomes to cover the expense of treatment.

Call us through our toll-free helpline, open 24/7, where one of our caring and professional addiction recovery assistants will be glad to help you find a program for addiction treatment according to your needs. We can also help you find treatment with the best values available and will give you advice about insurance for addiction. Don’t hesitate any longer and call today.

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