Santa Monica, CA Alcoholism Treatment

If you are one of the 87,500+ people living in Santa Monica or if you live in nearby Marina del Rey, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Ladera Heights, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, View Park-Windsor Hills, or El Segundo and you are looking for a nearby alcoholism treatment, we can help. Simply call us at our toll-free number listed above and let us help you find an alcohol detox program, an alcohol addiction treatment counseling program, a sober living home or aftercare services near you. The call is free. Dial now.

Types of Alcoholism Treatment near Santa Monica, CA

For those who prefer a 12 step-based treatment program, traditional alcohol rehabs near Santa Monica are for you. For those who would like to explore different types of treatment and therapy, a holistic rehab may work better. Both types of alcoholism treatment programs are available on an inpatient and outpatient basis; some include alcohol detox while others do not.

A number of  alcoholism treatment resources near Santa Monica focus on providing a specific treatment service: alcohol detox, educational classes, support groups, personal therapy. Additionally, there is a huge selection of supportive services to take advantage of near Santa Monica, services that many people find to be extremely helpful during recovery including yoga, meditation, acupuncture and acupressure, massage and bodywork and more.

Paying for Alcoholism Treatment near Santa Monica

Paying for alcoholism treatment near Santa Monica can be intimidating – most programs are expensive. But if you have health insurance, it is likely that a portion of the costs will be covered by your policy. For the rest of the bill and for those who don’t have health insurance, financing options that allow you to make your payments in monthly installments and sliding scale costs for those with low or no income may be available. Most alcohol rehab and addiction treatment programs near Santa Monica are willing to work with you to help you pay for the cost of alcohol addiction treatment that you need.

Let Alcoholism Treatment Change Your Life

Whether you live near Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, out by Santa Monica Municipal Airport, close to Santa Monica College, across from Santa Monica Public Library, by Santa Monica Place Shopping Center, near Santa Monica Beach State Park, or on Palisades Beach, we can help you find a conveniently located California alcoholism treatment center near you. Don’t give up another day of your life to alcoholism. Contact us now and change your life for good.

Alcohol Rehabs in California

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