6 Ways to Guard Against Relapse When Transitioning Back to Living Alone

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Completing addiction treatment is a wonderful accomplishment that any recovering addict should be proud of. However, as many people recognize, graduating from a sober living program is just the beginning of the rest of a future that is free of addiction. Expecting a “happily-ever-after” life after addiction treatment ends will likely only lead to future […]

How to Remain Sober When You Can’t Avoid Exposure to Alcohol

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Alcohol addiction is difficult to detect due to the high availability of alcohol in most societies, because of the misinformation about what alcohol abuse is and when drinking can be considered alcoholism. While many recovering alcoholics must completely separate themselves from alcohol in early stages of recovery to avoid relapse, exposure to alcohol cannot always […]

How to Shield My Child from Addicted Family Members

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Protecting a child from drug addiction is a constant effort. Negative influences can lurk inside the household or they may come from extended family members. Parents probably know how destructive family addictions can be, but they may wonder how to protect their children. Alcoholism can greatly impact families. According to MedlinePlus, close to 18 million […]

Does Sunny Weather Help Overall Wellness?

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Sunny weather is associated with good moods, fun and vacations. Society is filled with songs about sunshine and beautiful weather accompanied by upbeat music and hopeful attitudes. Furthermore, we often equate sunshine with happiness and rain with sadness. But does sunny weather actually improve mental and physical health? Vitamin D and Happiness The body synthesizes […]

Maintaining Sobriety Through Painful Anniversaries

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Maintaining sobriety is a daily battle. A person must remain vigilant to stay sober. Even a momentary slip up can result in a painful relapse. However, each individual has specific times that are particularly difficult – a wedding anniversary, an estranged child’s birthday, holidays, the day a divorce is finalized, or the day of a […]

How to Spot a Functional Alcoholic

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A functional alcoholic may not resemble what Californians would normally imagine of an alcoholic. He may be a responsible and productive member of society, who gets to work on time on a daily basis and holds a highly prestigious position. Functional alcoholics believe that because they are able to maintain their current social and personal […]

Staying Sober while Traveling

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Earning your sobriety is something that you should feel very proud of, but know that your work is never done. A number of obstacles will always crop up to challenge your sobriety, even in the best of circumstances. One of the obstacles that you may face could be maintaining sobriety while traveling. Sobriety and travel […]

Break the Drinking Habit for Good

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If you feel you are displaying signs of alcoholism, it is important to take steps needed to break free from your drinking habit. Alcoholism is a progressive condition that will get worse, unless you receive quality alcohol treatment from professionals who know what to expect during the rehab process. Are You An Alcoholic? The following […]

Symptoms of Alcoholism

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Alcoholism infects every aspect of your life. The symptoms of the disease are prevalent in your health, your emotional well-being, your relationships with others, your progress at work and your finances. Even simple things like your eating habits and appearance changes when you are a victim of alcoholism. Recognizing the symptoms of alcoholism can translate […]

Alcoholism Prevention

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Alcoholism prevention is the best way to save yourself from a life spent in and out of rehab – possibly in and out of jail – and constantly trying to start over and apologize for mistakes made under the influence. Life is hard enough. Allowing alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction to take root means increasing […]