Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Depression

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According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, depression is a mental illness that goes far beyond temporary feelings of sadness or feeling blue. Depression is a serious illness that negatively impacts a person’s thoughts, feelings, mood, behavior and physical health. Depression affects 5 to 8 million adults each year in the United States, but […]

How Enabling Undermines Treatment for Addiction

June 1, 2015 by  
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Addiction treatment is a process that helps addicts change their conduct, attitude and actions. It is also a time when recovering addicts recognize how their actions affect not only on themselves, but also those around them. During the treatment process, it is important for those around recovering users to be strong and to support the […]

How Drugs Affect Men’s Brains

May 27, 2015 by  
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The effects drugs have on the sexes has been the focus of much research regarding drug types such as depressants, hallucinogens, stimulants and other psychoactive substances. Findings have shown clear differences in how these substances affect the brain and body chemistry of men and women. This valuable information has helped researchers understand serious conditions such […]

Ignoring the Lie that You Aren’t Good Enough

January 12, 2015 by  
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Addiction recovery can be a daunting task to achieve and maintain that is often made worse by struggles with low self-esteem and feelings of not being good enough. In most cases, even a short stint with drug addiction will leave a person with self-esteem issues. In fact, a lot of drug addictions stem from an […]

How Important Is it to Recognize Your Risk Factors for Mental health Conditions

January 7, 2015 by  
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It can be difficult to recognize your risk for mental health conditions, but identifying psychological challenges early on can make a huge difference in your recovery. Furthermore, if you prevent inaccurate stigmas from repelling you from treatment, then you can recover as soon as possible. In other words, seek help as soon as possible to […]

Differentiating Depression from Sadness

January 2, 2015 by  
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You will experience moments of sadness during your life, perhaps from a sorrowful event, a meaningful song or even a book or movie. The more that an event affects you personally, the greater your level of sadness. Sadness usually lasts a relatively short period of time, and you may feel better if you use the […]

Alcohol’s Effect on Long-Term Stress

October 1, 2014 by  
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Life can be stressful, so people drink alcohol to escape the pressure that comes with everyday living. Issues such as financial insecurity, loneliness and anxiety seem to vanish once people become intoxicated. Getting drunk, which is also referred to as intoxication or inebriation, is a physiological state that occurs when there is too much alcohol […]

9 Signs of Post-Partum Depression

August 13, 2014 by  
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Post-partum depression can occur any time within two months after childbirth and persist for a long period of time. Almost every woman will experience normal adjustments after giving birth that may seem similar to post-partum depression. The major difference is that normal adjustments come and go and do not persist for a long period of […]

What Causes Eating Disorders and Drug Abuse

July 19, 2014 by  
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Eating disorders and drug abuse are closely related problems. Both diseases are based in the same part of the brain, and they are caused by similar neurological activity. While this may scare some people, it can actually be a source of encouragement, as similar techniques can treat both issues simultaneously. Psychological Dysfunction and Addiction One […]

Why Addiction Is Not a Muse

June 19, 2014 by  
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A muse is something an artist relies on for inspiration. In Roman and Greek mythology, the muses were the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who presided over the arts and sciences. Throughout history, many artists have identified drugs or alcohol as their muses, claiming they get inspiration for their art from the substances they […]

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