Dangers of Drinking Mouthwash

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Dangers of Drinking MouthwashAlcoholism is one of the most dangerous forms of addiction, as obtaining this substance is extremely easy as well as affordable. As alcohol addiction has the potential to escalate completely out of control, it is not uncommon to find users resorting to getting the alcohol fix from substances other than a bottle of jack or a handle of vodka.

As numerous household items have made headlines for causing addiction including computer cleaner and cough syrup, mouthwash can be added to that list as well. Most mouthwashes contain on average about 27% alcohol, making this an option for alcoholics. While this might seem like a good idea for someone looking to get drunk, there are many dangers associated with digesting mouthwash.

Harmful Effects of Mouthwash

Mouthwash should only be used to help promote a healthy mouth, not to be used as a new-age cocktail. Drinking mouthwash can cause serious side effects that even include death.

  • Blindness – Mouthwash contains methyl alcohol (more commonly known as wood alcohol) and can provide extreme risks to your sight if used. Wood alcohol, when consumed, can damage the optic nerves, leading to permanent blindness. All it takes is 10mL of wood alcohol to begin this damage, and 30mL can lead to death.
  • Organ damage – As mouthwash has twice the amount of alcohol in it than regular alcoholic beverages, it can cause serious liver damage, as the liver in unable to process the excess alcohol. The continual use of mouthwash can speed up the process of liver damage and possibly failure.
  • Burns – Drinking too much mouthwash can lead to the development of many burns not only in the mouth, but in the throat as well. Since the alcohol content is so high, the potential for these burns to occur is much greater than if regular alcohol was consumed. These burns can lead to permanent damage to the mouth and throat and promote infection.
  • Unconsciousness¬† – The mixture of chemicals included in mouthwash (hydrogen peroxide, methanol, alcohol) can lead to unconsciousness in a user. As these ingredients are put together to help kill germs and nothing else, it can poison the user’s system, encouraging the slowdown of the central nervous system and eventually leading to the user passing out. As this unconsciousness occurs, breathing can slow down to a point of cessation, leading to death.

While drinking mouthwash might not seem like an immediate death sentence, it can produce irreversible damage over time that can either be completely life-altering or even fatal. Drinking mouthwash is extremely dangerous as it can lead to the breakdown of the body, its organs, and its main systems of function. It is crucial to get help for a mouthwash addiction before these side effects begin to occur.

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